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Art for Hotels, Hospitals, Corporate and the Home

We are not only corporate art consultants, but also art lovers providing art design, staging, and installation services for business and residential clients.

Since 1974, Creiger Group has been providing corporate and private clients with a wide range of personalized art services. We have been actively involved in the national and international art scene for more than 30 years, and have developed unlimited resources, important connections, and access to distinctive artists, publishers, dealers and galleries worldwide.

We know that selecting art is complex and each environment has unique challenges. Let us assist you in securing the highest quality works of art that are appropriate to your spatial requirements, your personal taste, and are within your budget.  We provide full art consulting services from selection to framing and installation. Our services are also available à la carte. Our art rental program allows you flexibility without commitment and the ability to meet your objectives on a smaller budget.

Please explore our site and services. View a sample of the art we have available in our on-line galleries. Review our testimonials about what our clients say about us. Then call to schedule a site visit.


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