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"As Art Coordinator at Children's Hospital Boston I oversee art placement for all Facilities projects and have found Joyce and her staff to be extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and easy to work with....[Joyce's] years of experience and familiarity with the contemporary art scene are impressive. What she brings to the table is always unique, in good taste and within our budget. I would certainly recommend her to other institutions looking for a good Art Consultant"
—Jessica Finch, Art Coordinator, Children's Hospital Boston
"Joyce is extremely knowledgeable as to how art and aesthetics enhance the environment and contribute to hospitality while playing a vital role in contributing to the Healing Process... Joyce has a wonderful ability to work with vendors, contractors, employees of the institution as well as senior management to bring them all together in an inclusive method of execution for aesthetic upgrades that are the most appropriate for the environment. On a personal note, Joyce is a woman of fine character. She is honorable, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with."
—John Holiver, President, Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center 
"Creiger Group provides wonderful, innovative rotating art exhibits in our lobby. They have been responsive, creative and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend the services provided by Creiger Group."
—Catherine Whittlesey, Assistant Property Manager, Equity Office
"Every time I work with Creiger Group they take great strides in uncovering the design and business criteria for the particular client and then tailor a program that works perfectly for them. This has included posters to originals, rotating to leasing, sculptural to interactive. They have a gift for variety."
—Jennessa Molgaard, Associate, Workplace Consultant, GHK, Inc.
I highly recommend Joyce Creiger of Creiger Group for providing artwork for various buildings.  I have worked with Joyce Creiger on numerous projects at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  ... The physicians and chiefs have always been extremely happy with the service and selection Joyce has provided. Joyce meets with the users personally and helps them select proper artwork for their practice, always staying on track for the budget we have allotted.  She has a great personality, and always knows how to handle the client in the most professional manner and focus them on the appropriate artwork selection for the suite.
---Jennifer McMaster, Project Manager, Fox RPM Corp.
"It was my sincere pleasure working with Joyce Creiger/Creiger Group. I had the unique opportunity of selecting artwork for various Engineering Facilities and high profile Corporate customer sites.
Joyce Creiger was never at a loss for suggestions, materials, or customer service. On more than one occasion the product was selected and expected within a extremely tight schedule. Communication and professionalism accompanied each project. It is contagious to work with an Individual who enjoys their work and takes pride in customer satisfaction such as I experienced with Creiger Group.
—Karen Gill, Project Manager, EMC
"I have worked with Ms. Creiger for over three years.  She has assisted myself and Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center on a number of projects. Ms. Creiger’s design content and standards are exceptional.  Her services have included standard setting, production, site tours and installation.  Ms. Creiger consistently provides professional and artistic guidance to enhance the environment and patient experience.
— Mark Tarlton, Vice President, Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Facilities & Support Services
"Joyce has been an art consultant on many of my construction projects over the years, at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital main campus as well as several satellites and a renovation project at Faulkner hospital. She has provided artwork for many different areas of the hospital including surgery conference rooms, within two intensive care units, many areas of radiology, Dermatology and ambulatory services. Joyce is not only very knowledgeable and articulate in the field of art but she has shown the ability to both listen and communicate well with user groups in an often demanding and uncompromising environment.I will continue to utilize her services in the future."
—Joseph J. O’Leary, Project Manager, Real Estate and Facilities, Partners Healthcare Systems, Inc. 
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