Art Services

Art Acquisition Services

Creiger Group art consultants specialize in providing fine art for all private and business environments: healthcare; hospitality, and corporate. We help our clients articulate and allocate a budget for art, as well as identifying the appropriate style, medium, and scope of art for the client's unique space. We manage the particular logistics of artwork acquisition such as purchasing, shipping, framing, installing and insuring.

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Art Program Services

The art rental program allows clients to partake in our expertise and services by annually selecting artworks from a collection that we have personally amassed over the 35 years of being in the art sales business. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a rotating fine art collection without the high acquisition cost and time-consuming selection process. Experimenting with different looks constantly refreshes and transforms the viewer's experience of the office space without undergoing dramatic--and expensive--remodeling. No matter the budget, you can find works of art that will make the right statement about your company.

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Art Framing & Installation Services

Our professional art installers have over 20 years of installation experience among them. A Creiger Group consultant is always present to insure a smooth installation and a happy client. 

Creiger Group offers a variety of "green" framing options such as reclaimed wood molding and acid free matting. We utilize framers throughout the New England area and are therefore able to frame our client's artwork close by, ultimately cutting down our "carbon footprint" in the art installation process. 

Creiger Group has used Framerica moulding to satisfy the many needs of our clients throughout the past 38 years. Framerica's purpose built, New York- based facility has been certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product Downstream Licensed Facility (EPP Downstream) by the Composite Panel Association (CPA). The program is designed to provide retailers, distributors, designers, specifiers, OEMs, and consumers an easy way to identify environmentally responsible products.

We would like to sincerely thank Framerica for their concerted efforts to provide the most environmentally friendly framing services possible.

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